CryoSys Products

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Modular LNG and NGL Plants

Modular LNG and NGL PlantsCryoSys is primarily focused on providing compact LNG liquefaction and NGL recovery plants. We utilize mixed refrigerant cycle technology to bring customized performance to our standard plants. We are able to optimize refrigerant conditions to precisely meet the refrigeration requirements for each application while minimizing compression power.

Our proprietary MRC process is contained in a perlite-filled cold box module, which simplifies installation and optimizes performance. The cold box also serves as an additional containment vessel as a backup in case of leakage. Our technologies are world-class and well proven. That means our plants are designed and built not only for optimal performance, but also for exceptional reliability and minimal maintenance.

Fuel Gas Conditioning Units

Full Gas Conditioning UnitsProtect your critical compressor assets from being damaged by high BTU fuel gas and BTU spikes with a CryoSys conditioning unit. Our patent-pending designs for BTU control feature a proprietary multi-stream heat exchanger inside a compact and lightweight vessel outfitted with all necessary controls.

The unit utilizes the pressure drop from pipeline to engine supply to provide the necessary refrigeration without the need for moving parts. Reliability is high and maintenance is low, giving you the most cost-effective solution for keeping your engines properly running and properly rated. We offer a variety of standard sizes and configurations to meet most applications.

Dew Point Control Packaged Units

Dew Point Controlled Packaged UnitsCryoSys helps you remove propane and heavy hydrocarbons from your gas stream so you can meet pipeline input requirements. Our patent-pending dew-point control technologies utilize a proprietary multi-stream heat exchanger inside a compact and lightweight vessel, complete with all necessary controls.

The pressure drop from inlet gas into the unit provides all the necessary refrigeration, so no moving parts are required. As an alternative to recompression of the residue gas, we can provide an external refrigeration system to minimize pressure drop. Our designs give you the flexibility to get refrigeration from the JT expansion, an external source, or a combination of both. Each unit is built for high performance, low maintenance and optimum energy efficiency.

Gas Plant in a Bottle™ Systems

Gas Plant In a BottleCryoSys helps you achieve both efficiency and performance excellence through standardization. Perhaps the best example is our Gas Plant in a Bottle offering – a line of ready-to-install, small-footprint units provided through our strategic partnership with Ortloff. Each design has been optimized to the highest standards, giving you an outstanding option for speedy installation, smooth operation, reduced recompression horsepower and minimal maintenance.

Our Gas Plant in a Bottle product line includes Opti-Flex™ for new NGL recovery plants, giving you over 99% propane recovery with full ethane rejection. For existing GSP plants we offer Retro-Flex™, which provides full propane recovery and ethane rejection without the need for additional compression.

The CryoSys product lineup also includes industrial refrigeration solutions for both MRC and N2 cycle, a variety of gas conditioning solutions for CO2 and H2S removal, mercury removal and mole sieve dehydration, as well as storage tanks in vertical or horizontal configurations. We are your complete gas processing resource.